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"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened." - Winston Churchill


I disagree with Reason on filtering the internet at public libraries. It bothers me that kids can go to the library and look at porn. This is public money.

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McKinney Trails In New Poll
There Is A God!!!

According to a new poll, Congresswoman McKinney is trailing DeKalb County Judge Denise Majette in the democratic primary for Georgia’s 4th District.

Her opponent is still a liberal Democrat, but at least she is not an idiot.

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Def Jam founder pushes reparations
Russell Simmons of all people, have no basis for reparations. He is a living example that past condition does not determine present economic status.

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Hip-Hop Publisher Doubles Back Into Radio
The Source magazine outsells Rolling Stone, Vibe and Spin!

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The Lakers
I am a life-long Lakers fan. The loss last night does not have me worried.
The more I watch Chris Webber play, the more I dislike him. He is a crybaby, spoiled brat.
What does he have to complain about? He is dating a model, making millions and has never worked a real job his entire life.
He is overpaid. The fourth quarter Bibby and Jackson saved them, not Webber.

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Black, Successful--and Typical

Black incomes have never been higher, while unemployment and poverty rates rest at all-time lows. Illegitimacy is finally falling; between 1995 and 2000, the number of black children raised by married parents rose 10%, reversing a 10-year decline. Blacks are completing high school and college in record numbers, which in turn has led to better jobs, higher household incomes and increased levels of homeownership.

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The European Crime Wave

Crime has recently hit record highs in Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Toronto, and a host of other major cities. In a 2001 study, the British Home Office (the equivalent of the U.S. Department of Justice) found violent and property crime increased in the late 1990s in every wealthy country except the United States. American property crime rates have been lower than those in Britain, Canada, and France since the early 1990s, and violent crime rates throughout the E.U., Australia, and Canada have recently begun to equal and even surpass those in the United States. Even Sweden, once the epitome of cosmopolitan socialist prosperity, now has a crime victimization rate 20 percent higher than the United States.

Why exactly are they suppose to be smarter and more humane than Americans???

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Mueller Expects Suicide Bombers in U.S

Walk-in suicide bombers like those who have attacked public places in Israel will hit the United States eventually, FBI Director Robert Mueller said today.
"I think we will see that in the future, I think it's inevitable," Mueller said in response to a question during a speech to the National Association of District Attorneys meeting in suburban Alexandria, Va.

It will only make the American public more determined to do whatever it takes to destroy the enemy

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Black & Gold Forever!
Kevin Holtsberry has a post on how the Steelers have been able to finally keep free agents.
Still waiting on the one for the thumb!

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27 year old black conservative Prime Minister? Possibly in Holland
Whew! talk about groups being covered.

"Mr. Fortuyn's death has already had a range of unexpected consequences. Among them is that his party's ostensible new leader, João Varela, Mr. Fortuyn's chief deputy, is a black immigrant from the Cape Verde islands, off the coast of West Africa. Mr. Varela, 27, is a successful businessman in Rotterdam.

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Black Isn't a Personality Type
John H. McWhorter once again attacks the politically correct attitude of Hollywood, as shallow and actually more racist.

When casting black performers, producers should find it as unthinkable not to give them characters to play as they would if the performer were white. Skin color is not a personality trait. To cast black performers without giving them any identifiable personality traits is so dehumanizing that it would be closer to doing the right thing to not cast them at all.

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Up Through Slavery
The story of Marie Therese Coincoin gives more insight into the whole issue of slavery. She was a slave that became a wealthy slaveowner.

"Gradually she managed to buy all of her children out of slavery, starting with four black children, two daughters and two sons, born before she met Metoyer. She acquired more land and 16 slaves of her own, beside whom she labored in the fields. By the time she died around 1817 at age 75, she and her children had amassed nearly 12,000 acres of plantation land -- most of which they would retain until after the Civil War -- and at least 99 slaves. They had also built their own Catholic church, which still stands. White people sat in the back."

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Black-owned bank outgrows storefront past
Baltimore's Advance moves to first stand-alone headquarters in 45 years; A renewed focus on growth

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The Globaloney of International Law
Great article in Slate about the impotence of international laws.

This is not an argument for reckless, unchecked international aggression. It is an argument against trusting that the only other alternative is slow, deliberate international tribunals, imposing phantom rules invented on the fly. Law is a system best imposed after the fact. The Nuremburg trials occurred only after the atrocities. It is only because we've become so reliant on the illusory comfort of our justice system that we believe it can apply, without question, to aggression between nations.

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Drug probe spotlights the secret life of O.J.
Some people do not know when to quit!

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Almost back to full blogging
Getting settled in new job here in Chicago, and will be able to blog more consistantly.

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Sell Your Organs
Walter Williams argues that the free-market should decide how donated organs are given to people.

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Turkey to Take Over Afghan Mission
With strong U.S. backing, overwhelmingly Muslim Turkey officially agreed Monday to take command of the peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. The change supports Washington's position that the war against terror is not between Islam and the West.
They do have the second largest military in NATO.

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Professor tells fund-raiser Clinton 'exploited' blacks
Michael Eric Dyson finally says something I can agree with: "He (Clinton) exploited black sentiment because he knew the rituals of black culture," said Michael Eric Dyson, a professor of religious studies at DePaul University in Chicago. "Bill Clinton exploited us like no president before him."
Others have agreed: "I think that to some extent, Bill Clinton was one of the worst presidents ever for African Americans," said Charles Barron, New York City Council member from Brooklyn's District 42. "Policywise, he approved one of the worst-ever welfare reform policies."
"But we had been neglected by so many previous administrations that [we accepted] the first man who came by and winked at us and played saxophone on Arsenio Hall," he said yesterday while agreeing with Mr. Dyson's criticisms. "Well, shame on so many African Americans for holding Bill Clinton up as some sort of hero."
History will not be kind to Clinton, and his legacy will be one of disgrace and deceit.

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The North is More Segregated Than the South
The WSJ has an article detailing the move by many blacks back to the South.

Middle-class blacks, of which there have never been more, are returning to the South--a new South full of integrated suburban communities located just outside metropolitan areas. And they're returning in droves. Of the country's 35 million blacks, 19 million now live in the South, up from 16 million in 1990.
"If you go back to the 1980 Census and compare it with the 2000 Census," says Mr. Frey, "in 1980 you see very high levels of segregation in places like Atlanta and Charlotte. Today, it's come down 15 to 20 percentage points in places like that."

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Playing Race Politics in CA
Read The California Department Of Insurance's "Slavery Era Insurance Registry" I did notice that slaves had no last names, or different last names than their owners. This backs up Sowell's claim that blacks do not carry slave names.

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