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"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened." - Winston Churchill


The Corner reports : one of the four 'partners' named on the website for his 'presidential center' (posted on the Corner earlier today) is Global Crossing, a company that has had quite a few problems of its own.

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Heather Mac Donald on Police & Media Bias on National Review Online This article in NRO is off base. The comparison between the death of a cop and the abuse of a citizen is not a valid comparison. A police officer has a job that puts his life at risk, it is part of the job, part of what they sign up for. The real possibility of dying at the hands of a criminal. The citizen does not have an implicit agreement that they should be assaulted at will by the police. When conservatives go out of their way to ignore police abuses they open themselves to charges from libertarians and the left. The police are servants of the public and have a high level of accountability, if they want a job that is risk free they need to look for different employment.

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Missile strike kills Hamas leader, plus 14 civilians
About time they start really killing the right people.
Be sure to check out the lovely picture of the children with guns.

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Education translates into earnings

"Graduating from college and earning advanced degrees translate into much higher lifetime earnings: an estimated $4.4 million for doctors, lawyers and others with professional degrees; $2.5 million for those with a master’s degree; and $2.1 million for college graduates."

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Living-wage movement takes root across nation
This will be great for the government welfare state, but bad for the poor and low skilled worker.

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This is part of the reason why Farrakhan's version of Islam is a perverted form of Islam. the entire theology built around UFO's and space ships is something worthy of Scientology. "Scripture, The Mother Plane, And Minister Farrakhan's Vision From Tepotzlan, Mexico"

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Navy plans floating commando base Proposal indicates military emphasis on special forces

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Navy plans floating commando base Proposal indicates military emphasis on special forces

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Damn! he is keeping his word
Rep. J.C. Watts Not Seeking Reelection

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