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"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened." - Winston Churchill


Reparations movement only divides by Clarence Page.
It is ironic that a movement that deeply divides black Americans is promoted by those who normally cry out for black solidarity. Maybe they think they have to divide black America to save it.

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Canadian model of healthcare ails When Bill Clinton attempted to reform US healthcare in 1994, his administration often touted Canada's publicly funded, universal access system as a model to be emulated. As it turns out, the Canadian system may be crumbling under its own weight.

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McKinney outsted after 10 years in Congress
I cannot hold in my glee.

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The Justice Clarence Thomas Appreciation Page
Great website for info on Justice Thomas.

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State Judge Denise Majette: Cynthia McKinney Challenger Levels The Financial Playing Field

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What Gore Doesn't Get - Al Gore's bogus defense of his populist message. By William Saletan

Gore is wrong. His angry populism helped cost him the 2000 election. He doesn't understand this because he can't see the differences between Clinton's populism and his own. He's still arguing about it because he thinks fighting is noble. And he's doing it in such a pious way, quoting himself and selectively quoting others, because, as the 2000 presidential debates demonstrated, his driving imperative is to prove that he's right and his opponents are wrong. Any one of these flaws would be sufficient to justify denying him the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination. Take your pick.

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Movie: "Signs"
I went to see "Signs" last night and was disappointed.
It was a huge let down. There really was no climax and the ending deflated the entire movie.

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