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"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened." - Winston Churchill


EU takes major expansion step
25 countries will try to create a bloated super governemnt. A socialists dream. I cannot wait until this thing falls apart.

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An Angel Still Rides in the Whirlwind
"After the Declaration of Independence was signed, Virginia statesman John Page wrote to Thomas Jefferson: ``We know the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?''
Much time has passed since Jefferson arrived for his inauguration. The years and changes accumulate. But the themes of this day he would know: our nation's grand story of courage and its simple dream of dignity.
We are not this story's author, who fills time and eternity with his purpose. Yet his purpose is achieved in our duty, and our duty is fulfilled in service to one another.
Never tiring, never yielding, never finishing, we renew that purpose today, to make our country more just and generous, to affirm the dignity of our lives and every life.
This work continues. This story goes on. And an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm."

~ George W. Bush, Inaugural Speech ( January 21, 2001)

In the midst of doubters and second guessers. In the midst of warnings of hard days to come, and doomsday prognostications. Its important for us to remember that an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs the storm.

Shock and awe, shook the world as Iraqis celebrated freedom. You would think in the 21st Century, the idea that people would relish freedom, would not be a novel idea.

Those who think this is about conquest and military might are lost in the fog of their own understanding. The MOAB ( Mother Of All Bombs) is not a miltary arsenal. It is an idea, that is as great as the human desire to survive and thrive. Its explosive power is a desire that God gives all mankind, and backs it with his will.

A nation that does not turn its power on those whose betrayal it feels. The blood of Americans on the beaches of Normandy cries out to the French, but they cannot hear. They have been made deaf by their own fears and insecurities. Russia, a nation who was brought to its knees without one bomb having to be dropped. The ideas of liberty shook off the chains of communist oppression. China, will see their day too, soon. They cannot continue to walk a fine line between freedom and oppression. Freedom has no recourse but liberty. Freedom is greedy, it never settles, and never stops seeking.

The critics were correct when they predicted the Middle East would erupt in a cauldron of fire. It has , a fire has been set under the feet of every person oppressed. They believe the oppressor can die. They see that the King has no clothes. They know an end to their suffering is possible. A cauldron has erupted, a cauldron that will purify the religion that has been perverted and used to destroy. A fire will consume those bent on using fear and hate, and sending their young to die, while they hide in palaces. The winds will fuel these fires,a nd blow them to distant places. We are witnessing the precipice of history. Time is turning, in a historical sense.

The children used by the feyadeen fighters, placed in front of the most destructive military force the world has ever known. That child knows the restraint and mercy of a great people. That child today is free, and may one day be elected to lead their newly democratic nation. That child may be the Adams, or Lincoln of that nation.

newspapers have hidden small stories of people proclaiming, please my country, next . Please liberate my people. I can accept the pain, the civilian casualties, the confusion, i can accept the storm of looters and journalist lost in their own arrogance. Just bring the storm, i know the angel will be guiding it.

As a new nation we struggled early, with internal rebellions and an original constitution that was inadequate. It was a tumutuous time, times of chaos. Times when regions and groups vied for their place. In that process some were left behind (slaves, women), others given power beyond their actual numbers ( the southern states, the senate, men). There are now 27 amendments, each striving to form a more perfect union, to correct and perfect what was before.

This great land has still lost more lives to an internal war , than to any exterenal force. There have been raging storms, destructive storms. In the midst of this pain black liberation theology was shaped and lived. A belief that God is on the side of the oppressed, and will use whatever means needed to liberate those who are underpriviledgeed and denied their God given human dignity.

growing pains for sure. Very painful, birthing pains, of freedom. to become a light that sits on a hill. A beacon for the world to be able to see in darkness. Not by our own power, but by the values and ideas that make America great, and make the American idea even greater.

Like a mature plant that has its seed blown to fertile ground. Winds of change are consuming our world. The global community is lost in the haze of a storm that appears to be destructive to them. They do not see the angel, the guiding priciples or the true liberation of an oppressed people.

So when they declare set backs, and even defeat, do not worry, do not be decieved by the winds, and the debris shaken up by the storm. Keep your faith, your values and principles are just and your acts couragous. Freedom is worth the sacrifice. And as Ameica sows more seeds of liberty, we will reap great rewards as before. In the soil of Japan and Germany we sowed liberty, instituions, and our own blood. We will reap what we have sown in the sands of the dessert, in the place where according to religous traditions, God first placed man on the earth. The home of all three major monotheitic religions is a land that is today, free.

Surely, the angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm.

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US tells Syria to co-operate or risk conflict

Some people never learn. Will someone get N. Korea or Iran to give these people a call. message-Dont mess with the USA, Bush means business.
Might be time for another Smack-down!

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Hold Your Applause
here they go again! Damn, its been what 3 days, and already people have nothing but complaints. Get a freaking life, and write a real column

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The Lakers are back!!
Their win over the Mavs and the Kings, were statements. The biggest statement was that their bench is ready for the playoffs. Both games the Lakers reserves outscored thier opponents bench.
Maybe there is a four-peat in their future.

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Where is PETA when you need them?
"Thursday was a day of revelations for the armored crews and commanders camped at the palace — one of dozens built by Hussein, who is known for changing his location almost nightly. They discovered a pen of emaciated lions, cheetahs and bears on the palace grounds. A stroll through the rose gardens revealed the rotting corpses of Iraqi soldiers blown from sandy bunkers by the crews' tanks rounds.

Scouts from the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division found a live sheep and fed it to a cheetah, which was joined in the feast by three lions.

Across the pen, a thin brown bear cub bounded through the grass, dragging the entrails of a sheep provided earlier by the same scouts. The soldiers laughed in approval, regarding the sheep donations as a gesture of caring."

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Togo Africa, could it be next? Probably not, but here is one person who would not mind.

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Born in Iraq, he now fights as a Marine for the USA, to liberate Iraq. Only in America!

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The American Enterprise Magazine -- Online
Don't Do Me Any Favors
The Case Against Preferences
By John McWhorter

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IHT: Chirac to join Schroeder at talks in Russia
So what! they do not matter!

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Jocks to GIs Direct
Shaq's emails with a soldier.

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Anthony leaves lasting mark
I was impressed with his playing. he was unselfish, and played in pain. Very impressed ny Syracuse's athleticism, their speed seemed to really throw Kansa off balance.

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Looks like the world stage is being re-ordered, step-by-step
U.S., S. Korea Begin Talks on Alliance
``We will look for ways to make it a more capable alliance, a more equal alliance, and an alliance that is less intrusive in the daily lives of the Korean people,'' he said in a statement Monday.

South Korean Defense Ministry officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the two-day meeting would likely include discussion on shifting south U.S. soldiers stationed near the border with North Korea.

The officials also said discussion may include a possible reduction in the number of American troops based in South Korea.

Last month, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said troops near the inter-Korean border could be shifted south, moved to other countries in the region or brought home.

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Iraqi TV and radio off air
Lights out!!!!

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Middle Ages were warmer than today, say scientists
Claims that man-made pollution is causing "unprecedented" global warming have been seriously undermined by new research which shows that the Earth was warmer during the Middle Ages.

Someone tell Hans Blix, that maybe global warming is not a greater threat than Saddam..LOL.

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Deroy Murdock on Salman Pak
This article shows the connection between Iraq and Al-Quaida terrorist.

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Alan Boyle: Cosmic Log
Lots of satellite pictures, check them out.

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Coalition Forces Rescue U.S. POW in Iraq
Yeah! Lets get the others!!

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More low-income video gamers
People in homes where the annual income is less than $35,000 a year spend about 50 percent more time a week playing video games than those in homes with incomes above $74,000, according to a study released on Tuesday.

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MULTILATERALISM IN NORTH KOREA Great info on how multilateralism is working in the North Korean situation.

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Not A Shortcut, But An Ambush
Yes, Bush Has A North Korea Policy. It Might Even Work

"Regional talks, the official said, could be modeled on the so-called Contact Group, a multinational council that confronted Slobodan Milosevic's Serbia in the 1990s. Serbia began by snubbing the group but then, seeing no alternative, came to the table. A similar multilateral council could offer North Korea generous inducements to give up its nukes once and for all, while also credibly threatening North Korea with economic strangulation and diplomatic isolation should it refuse. Pyongyang, rather than Washington, would then be boxed in."

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"It is not the critic who counts, nor the man who points out where the strong man stumbled, or where a doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man in the arena whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs, and who comes up short again and again, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause. The man who at best knows the triumph of high achievement and who at worst, if he fails, fails while daring greatly, so that his place will never be with those cold timid souls who never knew victory or defeat."
- Teddy Roosevelt

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The Army's Desktop Jockeys - Can information technology help the military win the war? By Paul Boutin
The home page for the U.S. Army's 4th Infantry Division, a 30,000-strong force currently on its way to Iraq, touts the 4ID as "the Army's first digital division."

posted by Sean McCray | 9:29 AM | : Raid Finds al-Qaida Tie to Iraq Militants
What? al-Qaida in Iraq? Bush was right?

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