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"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened." - Winston Churchill


All my life I have been Lakers and Steelers fan. I do mean fan, in the sense of fanatic. Regardless of record. I always respsected the management, and the philosophy of the organizations.

Today, I feel like I have lost a best friend. I will no longer be a Laker fan, regardless of how good they perform. The treatment of Phil Jackson, and especially Shaq is the most insulting thing I have ever seen the Lakers do. It started with Jerry West leaving, and now they have decided to bet their future on a selfish player, who may be in prison next year. Somebody tell me where there is any logic in that.

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I am in LA, visiting family. Will be here until June 26th

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Celebrities are a really strange bunch.
Marc Anthony is bothered by peopel asking about if he is married. but he is wearing a weding ring.
Give me a break.

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The NY Times, is such a partisan rag, I don't read the articles there often. This article "How Reagan Beat the Neocons" is absolutely horrid. It attempts to use Reagan's legacy against Bush, by twisting history.

The philosophy of the writer, is summed up by this quote from the article:"The difference between Mr. Reagan and Mr. Bush's militant brain staff is that he believed in negotiation and they in escalation. They wanted to win the cold war; he sought to end it. To do so, it was necessary not to strike fear in the Soviet Union but to win the confidence of its leaders."

Besides being wrong. What exactly is the present day parallel? Who exactly should Bush reassure? The terrorists? Who exactly would we negotiate with?

The article also reiterates a false idea about Reagan's legacy. That he brought our allies together, in such peace and harmony.

One good thing Bush has done, is actually made liberals so mad at him, that they are willing to compliment Reagan. The only man they hated as much as Bush while in office. They have hated him even more since he left office.

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Interesting but useless information from today's Opinion Journal.
"Those who believe that history runs in cycles will be interested to note that the three great presidents took office at 72-year intervals--Washington in 1789, Lincoln in 1861 and FDR in 1933--and that this November it will have been exactly 72 years since the election of our last great president."

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Reagan on the $10 Bill?
I would not support putting Reagan on the $10 bill, but I would support putting him on the $20 bill.
Hamilton belongs on our currency. He was the countries first Treasury Secretary, and played a significant role in the foundation of this nation.
Jackson, on the other hand, did have articles of impeachment approved against him.
To leave Jackson on the $20 bill, and remove Hamilton from the $10 bill, would be a bad move.

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Chirac needs to be called out by Bush. His bogus attitude, is unearned. They have no real troops who know how to fight. They have a military that is capable of beating third world countries that is it.
France has a higher deficit than the US has, and France has surpassed the deficit ceiling that is required by the EU.

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RIP Reagan
I was one of those people who growing up, bought into the liberal line. Reagan was a racist, warmonger, who was pretty dumb also.
I even remember in college excoriating a black guy for reading a biography of Reagan. Then I went on to co-found the College Democrats on my very conservative campus. I was an avid Clinton supporter in 1992.

My conversion to a conservative began with the Republican Revolution in 1994. I actually began to listen to Newt Gingrich, and what he said made a lot of sense to me. That's when I began to look back and appreciate what Reagan had done.

I look back and remember my generation growing up, in fear of nuclear annihilation at any moment. Movies and TV shows about the USSR invading the US, and if the US could win that battle. I remember very clearly the feeling I had when I woke up in the morning and saw the results of Carter's rescue attempt. I remember feeling deflated, even at that young age.
I know that because of Reagan, my younger sisters and nephews have no clue what it is like to wander if your country would be destroyed by nuclear attack.
hopefully, they will not fully understand the fear of terrorism one day.

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May brings quarter-million U.S. job jolt

"If the string of sizable job gains continues, all of the 2.7 million jobs lost since the 2001 recession could be recouped by the fall elections, analysts said."

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Does Poverty Make People Fat or Hungry?

I was watching Nightline, when I was informed that there is a crisis in America. That crisis is obesity, and mainly obesity as a result of having a low income. They went on to explain that there are no huge grocery chains in the inner cities (BECAUSE THE UNIONS AND LIBERALS FIGHT TO KEEP THEM OUT, ASK WAL MART). This leaves the poor as mindless victims of the marketing of fast food. These poor mindless people, according to one expert "walk into McDonald and can get 5 hamburgers for $5, or one salad. It’s pretty clear which one you would take" Yes, if you have five people the 5 hamburgers. She really did say that

Have no fear. There is a solution.
“TIME magazine and ABCNEWS are teaming up for a groundbreaking summit to develop an action plan to address the nation's obesity epidemic” There will be experts there to deal with how the issue of obesity can be handled. It becomes pretty clear what agenda ABC News is promoting. David Westin, president of ABCNEWS, says “Obesity is not a matter of private choice; it's a matter of public health... What are the responsibilities of individuals, families and schools? What role can science play? What about the government and the media? This special coverage will examine the root of the problem and discuss realistic solutions." I didn’t know that TV News presidents were experts in obesity or any of the areas he mentioned. This is typical of the left leaning media arrogance.

Then I read an article That proclaims America is in crises. Again?
This crisis is hunger among those in poverty or near poverty. It is rising at an alarming rate!! It never defines hunger, and lumps together people who "live with hunger or make daily decisions about whether to eat or pay for other essential needs". When facts don’t fit, just expand your definition. To validate this information, the writer turns to Charles DiSogra, and bolds this in the article, then quotes Mr. DiSogra saying that the situation should be "unacceptable". Maybe DiSogra has missed all those fat people, walking like stepford wives to McDonalds and Popeye’s.

Before you accuse me of being insensitive. Let me explain. Weight is a big issue in my family; we like to gain a lot of it. I am 6' tall, and have gotten as big as 220. Not big enough to get on Oprah, but trust me it was obese. I presently weigh around 175, and it took about a year to lose the weight. Nobody loves pizza or McDonalds fries more than me. NOBODY. I will eat cold McDonald’s fries- case closed.
What was the magic button, or what government program helped me lose weight? None. Atkins? Subway with Gerad? South Beach? Nope.
A personal trainer? Nope.
I didn’t even join a gym or workout with weights at all. I did two things. The first was, stopped eating so much. The second thing I did was to start walking. I walked sometimes. Not any exhorbant amount. Maybe a total of 3 hours in a week. That’s it.

I have to admit I am constantly blown away by the liberals ability to deny personal responsibility. They view humans as frail and weak creatures who need protection from greedy corporations.
Obesity , in most cases, is caused by an INDIVIDUAL eating more calories than they burn. That's all there is to this, no summit is needed.

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I am headed east to live and attend law school part-time. I will be moving in August to the Philadelphia-Wilmington area.
I will be spending most of June in LA, visiting family there. Then I will return to Ohio, work for about six weeks and leave.

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I have to admit, my confidence level has dropped, due to the handling of Iraq. At what point do you realize that things need to be done differently? I am just not understanding how these negative issues keep coming up. Bremer seems to be clueless about the PR effects of his actions. I really hope the latest reports, that the US is pressuring them to choose a particular person for president, is untrue. The US needs to step back, let Iraqis fall on their face, and have them publicly ask for the US to help. Like a parent does with their children.
Man, I am sick and tired of this silly side stuff. Is anybody leading.

I am starting to have serious doubts about Bush's ability to be re-elected.

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