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Democrats are Losing the Social Security Debate
It appears Bush has once again backed an over zealous Democratic Party into a corner, that they will have a hard time coming out of. They are truly taking the "there is no problem, really, there isn't" approach. Long term and short term this will come back to haunt them. It leaves only undesirable options on the table. Since Dems are refusing to consider changing the benefits calculations for wealthier retires, it leaves them with one option only - Raise Taxes! That is the Democrats Social Security plan? The only tax they are looking at is the payroll tax, which is one that every person feels with every paycheck! If their issue is about making sure wealthy people don't get more than the poor, then why not support the change in benefits calculation? Why is raising taxes their only option?
In the congressional elections, the Rep Congressmen will be able to demand an answer from their Dem opponent. Saying, "There really is no problem", or "Just raise taxes" will not win any seats.
Agree or disagree with Bush, he has stepped forward and grabbed the "third rail" of politics and declared that it is not off-limits. He has shown leadership.

posted by Sean McCray | 9:54 PM |


Universal Health Care, Schiavo and the Politicians.
The Democrats are now declaring that politicians do not belong in the medical field. They are not qualified to make life and death decisions. I absolutely agree.
BUT, doesn't this create a problem for their desire to create universal health care? That would place the politicians in the middle of every medical decision. It would have been justifiable for the Republicans to intervene in Schiavo, because it would have involved a federal right.
This is actually a great opportunity for libertarians and true conservatives to make a the point that the role of government should be limited, especially in the medical field.

posted by Sean McCray | 4:46 PM |
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